Friday, March 18, 2011


Today i went to SGH company my daddy go for his check up . Alhamdulillah semuenye da okay . :) next check up in 6 months time . I'm happy for you daddy . Hope there's no more fight/argument , okay daddy ? Me loves you tau ~! Haha . Today lunch was awesome . Had yong tau foo and a coconut drink . Its friday and i'm stay home ? miracle nana ! haha . Watch Magika and Nur kasih at youtube with mummy and daddy . ;) But afterall , had a great/awesome day today . *Smile wide-wide*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today i went to sembawang meet my bestfriend , DadaJane . She's soooo the masaii today . haha . *peace* Lepas jugak rindu kite for each other~! Share/talk many100 things today with her after a few days tak jumpe . Rindu oii~! Okay , Reach home around 11+ then kemas bilik sambil tunggu my sis habis main lappy . Betolnye kemas aku sampai berpeluh peleh ! heh heh heh . tadi internet buat hal jap ! Bingitttttttttttt giler babi ! Sumpah bingit ! Part aku nak akai terus prangai ! Irrits~!! Tapy skrg dah okay . I loikeeeee ! Okaylahh , jumpa besok ! Bye . Muacks ! lols ~!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is my very first post . I decided to post this as a prove that i'm really2 sorry after what has happen . Everything is back to normal now . Once again i'm sorry . I didn't mean to hurt you . You know i love you right baby .. I promise , it won't happen again . Well , i cant wait to meet tomorrow . Love and miss you so much !